About me

I guess you are wondering who is this ruggedly handsome man, am I right? Well, this is me with a bad haircut during a walk in a park that I went to with my family before the quarantine curfew.
So probably you came here to read some juicy info about my private life. Well, I don’t think I have anything that juicy but I will try my best.
My name is Stavros Kampanakis and this long surname is Greek. I was born on the last day of May during the second part of the 80s. I am a software engineer by day and I guess after the creation of this website a blogger by night?
This blog is supposed to be my creative outlet. Here I will post my photos, talk about them and the process to capture them, I will talk about my failures (i guarantee you there be a lot), I will write some stories and hopefully, I will make you laugh.
So if you are still here just go ahead and read my blog or you can also check my Instagram.