Autumn colors on the mountain of the Gods

It is winter and the leaves have fallen long ago. There are no great canopies in the forests anymore, only trunks that stand like broken fingers. You are reminiscent of the autumn with its vibrant colors, yellow, orange, and red everywhere. A photographer’s dream. Hopefully, you were prepared for this. You had tucked away some photos from that time. They will just need some reheating and you can serve them as fresh. No one will know… Right?

December was a barren month. Small days and bad weather have prevented me to go out to take any photos. So here we are talking about autumn which is a season that I just recently started to appreciate. When I was a kid I remember that autumn sucked. The school started, rain would start to fall in Greece and you only had Christmas to look for something exciting. But not anymore. As a photographer, you cant find the autumn colors at any other time. People go crazy for that small time window before everything turns brown and can I fully understand why.

So here we were inside that sweet spot and we were traveling to mount Olympus with my family. It wasn’t planned or anything, the weather forecast was a really good one and we needed to get out of the house. As the car was climbing the winding road the trees in the forest were transforming from green to yellow-red. This was happening in patches so the contrast between them was amazing. We reached almost the highest place you can reach by car, and there it was the start of a climbing path. It was covered all the way with red leaves. My daughter was really excited and started running through them and kicking them all around. I also got to take some photos. It was a really great day.

Winter, you need to redeem yourself and I have to take some photos. Give us some snow.

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