Old doors and windows – Athens photos part 3

The last part is here. Oh please don’t cry, all good things come to an end you know. All bad things also, so whatever your feelings about this series are you should know that this is the end. It was a nice trip and I’m really happy I found some time to take a few photos here and there. I tried to group them together so they sort of make sense. Probably the best are from Acropolis in the first part. I really love the card postal vibe they have. Shit, I should have kept them for the last part, now I only have some doors and windows to show…

Classic door issues

So why doors? Because that’s what I found interesting in the location I was and with the time I had. When I go out to take photos I am in a hurry. Either I am late to a location, this happens when I try to take landscape photos, or I am trying to steal some minutes between other things. This happens the majority of the time. Of course, I would love to have more time each time but it is what is it.

If you are an amateur photographer like me, try to take photos of whatever interests you. Even if you don’t have that much time, take your camera out of your bag and take the photo. If I waited for the perfect opportunity or for the day that I can have all the afternoon to myself, I wouldn’t have any photos in my hands right now. Well, I still don’t because everything is digital, but this is another story. Not all the photos will be nice. The ones I post here are the ones I like at least a bit or I think that people will find interesting. Now imagine how the bad ones look! But at the end of the day, I have some photos and this is the important thing.

This time I edited them a bit differently with darker shadows than I would usually have. The turned out a bit more contrasty but I think it suits them especially in the old and crumbling buildings. I had used two film simulations I think but in the end, I just used the RAW files and edited them in Capture One.

Thanks for your time, please check the first part and second part of this trip if you want. Until next time!

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