Walking in the streets – Athens photos part 2

Let’s start by saying that I made a big mistake. In the first part of this series, I said that this would be a trilogy. Three is a nice number and people love trilogies. The reality is that I don’t have that many nice photos for three parts. On the other hand, most trilogies have an underwhelming second part (not you LOTR) so why shouldn’t I?

It is what it is

So let me try my best. Below you can see a few images that I think turned out all right after some editing. They started their life as lesser images, taken in a hurry and with fleeting light for some of them. A lot of times I find myself with images that I don’t like that much. But this is expected. What I do is I always try to play with the image and see if I can extract something better out of it. I don’t Photoshop my images but I will adjust the exposure, highlights, shadows, and whatever else the RAW file can give me. Sometimes this works and I end with a better image than I started, sometimes the initial shot is so bad that you can’t do anything. I hate ending with nothing but you know it happens.

This is what I did with the images below. Hopefully, I managed this to some degree, and this second part is not a total snoozefest. Part three will come in a few days with images from Plaka, an old neighborhood right below Acropolis. I have the photos for it everything will be alright!