Acropolis card postal – Athens photos part 1

I went to Athens again. This is the life of the international businessman you know. Traveling and doing business all the time. My trip was work-related but I had some time to have fun and go around the city center and also take some photos. I took some on different places so I am thinking of going the Peter Jackson way and doing a trilogy. That’s because I am going to milk this trip as far as I can because right now, some weeks after the trip, I have no new material. The weather here is dreadful and raining all day, so I thought to reminiscent of those sunny days in Athens.

So part one will be of course the Acropolis. I have to start this trilogy strong because it will be only downhill from now on. So we had the chance to go up there with most of my coworkers and have a nice time. It was really windy so there were no clouds whatsoever in the sky and I found out that it was the perfect weather to take photos that look like card postal. I used a Fujifilm film simulation from fujixweekly, yeah again, that looks like Portra 400 film. In the world of film photography, this is one of the most popular films for professionals. It is the one I see referenced a lot. I have never used it and I have no idea if it looks like the images I got, but I can only say that I liked the end result of my photos.

Below you can see my images from that day, I think the colors palette really suits Acropolis a lot. Also if you like photos from Athens check out my last trip here. One down two more to go!

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