Uninspired? Just paint it black. – Ilford HP5 Plus recipe

“Oh my god, the blog,” I said loudly. I had completely forgotten that before I left for my summer vacations I was a part-time blogger. To be honest, this is the more dramatic take (the google algorithm loves drama!), the reality is that I have sort of neglected my blog for the last two months because life happened and I had little time to write a blog post or even take some nice photos that I wanted to share. I haven’t even updated my Instagram for two months now (sorry Zuckerberg won’t happen again). The best photos I took were family photos and I am not that desperate (yet) to start sharing those.

I even tried twice to go to some locations and take some landscape or street photos and I returned empty-handed and defeated both of the times. My creativity was at a low point. So what do we do when we are down and feeling a bit blue and melancholic? We use these feelings and take black and white photos of course! So August and September was my emo phase. I mostly tried the Ilford HP5 Plus Fuji X Weekly recipe which you can find here.

So I have a small idea of what this film simulation can do. I really like to use it with flash or when there is a lot of sunshine (the big contrast between highlights and shadows really suits it a lot), I like it for portraits and photographing people I think it adds a lot of character. On the other hand, sometimes it is too grainy and you need to be really careful with how much you will overexposure the image. I shoot jpeg and raw and there were times that I preferred to transform the colored raw into a black and white image because the jpeg was just too much.

My Fujifilm XT-30 has limited spaces for custom film simulation so probably I will remove this simulation and add something else instead. The time that I used it was fun and miserable at the same time but right now I need to add some color back to my photos! I will continue using film simulation recipes because I find it quite fun.

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