Taking landscape photos while on a family vacation

Finding time to go shoot some photos while on vacation can be tricky. Usually, you go somewhere for a limited time of days intending to have some fun and some rest. Unless you have young kids, but this is another story for another blog maybe.

So we packed the car with everything we needed and then some and we started our trip. I was thinking that it would be great if I could take some photos. Obviously, I would take photos of my wife and daughter and all the places we would visit but those photos don’t count. I wanted to take proper landscape photos, use the tripod the nd filter and take some cool long exposures.

I think you need to take a couple of hours on your vacation and go take some photos. Chances are you may never come back to this place and maybe you will find something really unique that you wouldn’t otherwise. Now if you only have a couple of hours you need to make them count. Make some research on the location you are going to, check google maps for any interesting places or even photos that some users already posted. Maybe check some hashtags on Instagram, prepare for numerous selfies of girls (i know it’s a hard job what can I do), but by doing some research you will know exactly where to go and increase your chances of tripping on something really nice.

This is what I did. I researched the location and found a nice beach that I could easily go to and try some long-exposure photos by the sea. And then the first night we arrived I saw that the sunset colors were amazing, it was between sunset and blue hour, so I set up my camera on the balcony of the place we were staying and I took maybe my favorite image of the trip. I am thinking about it right now and I find it funny because this is life. You can prepare as much as you want but you should always be aware of what is happening around you and seize whatever opportunities appear.

So let’s go take a look at the photos. The one with the sunset at the bay is probably my favorite. I took it in a hurry and then cropped it in a 16:9 and to be honest I really really like it. The next four images are the ones of the beach I did my research on. It is a very beautiful place but the light wasn’t that good and I had limited time. Also, there were people with bathing suits that were looking at me a bit weird moving around them with the tripod and the camera. The last three images are of a different place we went for two days me and my wife, thanks mom for the babysitting, those were also taken in a hurry and I like them more. There isn’t any proper composition but I really like the colors and the texture. Plus I found the milky effect on the sea to be really cool.

So there you go, these are some of the photos I was able to take. Generally quite happy with the result.

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